The World Media Economics and Management Conference (WMEMC) is the leading biennial meeting of the global community of media business scholars. Over the last 25 years the academic conference brings scholars worldwide together to reflect on contemporary issues in the management and economics of media industries and firms.


Academic Presentations

Media Scholars

Latest Research on Media

Global Leading Researchers & Educators


Industry Participants

Industry meets Academia

Unique Networking Opportunities

Industry Panels

Graduate Students

First Time in the U.S.

Prime Location at Lincoln Center, NYC

Research presentations, keynotes and industry panels will cover the following subjects:

Entrepreneurship within media sectors


Innovations in business model development


Trends in media consumption patterns


Navigating change management in global and local media


Role of media organizations in society, politics, and culture


Strategic management and leadership in media


Audience measurement and forecasting


Media workers and media creators – changing demand for skills and competencies


Finance in media business: corporate, venture, crowdfunding and nonprofit media

“The conference theme ‘Global media – local entrepreneurs’ will offer a wide range of important and interesting topics, representing global challenges and opportunities for the media industry including media in the context of finance, business models, change management, leadership, start-ups, media consumption, and many more” Prof. Robert Picard

President, WMEMC


Capital of Global Media

NYC has more media jobs and is home to more global media companies than any other city in the world. Its media ecosystem includes the largest advertisers, the most respected news agencies, the largest broadcast and cable television networks as well as major center for non-commercial public media and a number of online media companies.

Media Entrepreneurs

Centered in Manhattan, Silicon Alley is a sphere encompassing NYC high tech industries like new media, game design or telecommunications. More than 900 new tech and media companies are supported by the entrepreneurship ecosystem ‘Made in NYC’ and funded by local venture capital investments.

Fordham University

The Gabelli School of Business has a strong research and education focus on media management and entrepreneurship. Programs are offered to undergraduate and graduate students as well as to MBA students. Fordham is also the current home to ‘The International Journal on Media Management’ (IJMM) – a leading academic publication in this area.

Location & Venue

New York is one of the most exciting places to be! Fordham’s Lincoln Center Campus is the perfect place to host this conference. It is close to the southwest corner of Central Park, surrounded by museums, restaurants, the Metropolitan Opera, and Broadway theaters – an inspiring backdrop to discussions about media economics and management.

12 Dec 2015 - Open: Early bird conference registration


12 Dec 2015 - Open: Special offers conference hotels


31 Jan 2016 - Notification of academic acceptance


29 Feb 2016 - Close: Early bird conference registration


02 May 2016 - Open: WMEMC 2016


05 May 2016 - Industry Day @ WMEMC 2016


06 May 2016 - Close: WMEMC 2016

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